Cosmetic Stability Testing

Cosmetic stability testing report is a required element of the cosmetic safety assessment that is required for the Product Information File (PIF) that is a legal document required, according to the Cosmetic Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009 for a cosmetic product that is to be sold within the European market.

The stability test will put your cosmetic product through a range of different conditions and various temperatures. The purpose of stability testing is to ensure that cosmetic formulations are stable and can maintain their structure, appearance, pH, viscosity, colour, odour, and microbial quality under a range of conditions to achieve a shelf life.

We offer a 12-week stability test where we will store your cosmetic product in various climate conditions to ensure that your product is stable through a wide range of conditions. We will then carefully select the appropriate variables to test throughout the 12-week period.
The most common variables that we test for during the course of the test are:

  • Pack Integrity
  • Viscosity
  • Odour
  • Appearance in colour
  • pH
  • Standard

    Standard cosmetic products that require a challenge test also require a stability test. Most cosmetic formulations contain water, if this is true within your own formulation, please select this option for stability testing. This helps is select the appropriate variables to test your product against over the course of the 12-week test.

  • Anhydrous

    Products that do not contain any water in their formulation, such as bath bombs, soap bars or oil blends, are known as anhydrous products. Although these products do not require challenge testing, their stability does need to be checked. Please select this option for stability testing if your product falls under this category.

  • Sample Requirements

    We kindly ask that you submit your samples for testing in their final packaging type and that we have 22 individual samples to run the full 12-week stability test.

Stability and EP Testing Packages