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ISCA Cosmetic Testing

Vegan EP Challenge Test + Stability Testing

Vegan EP Challenge Test + Stability Testing

1 Cosmetic product or wipe tested to the European Pharmacopoeia standard, with the product stability also being checked.

Conducted using our Vegan Society approved test method.

We will need 250 g to 350 g of your sample for EP testing and 22 individual samples of your product in its retail packaging for stability testing.

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Cosmetic Type

E.g. Batch number, formulation number etc. This is to allow us to uniquely identify your sample in our laboratory.

This should correspond to the label on your sample.

Prices listed are for 1 test programme on 1 sample.

For more information about sending your samples, please see our FAQ below.

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Sending Samples


Quantity to send

We will need 250 g to 350 g of your sample for challenge testing and 22 individually packaged samples for stability testing.

Where to send

Please send your cosmetic samples to our laboratory address,

ISCA Cosmetic Testing
Unit 28 Nine mile point ind. est.
Newport, UK
NP11 7HZ


Samples should be sent in their final retail packaging where possible.

Sample labelling

Please label your samples clearly (including unique ID numbers) and ensure that you keep a record yourself of what samples you have sent us to avoid any confusion. What you label your sample is what will be recorded on your final report.

For additional information see our full FAQs page